Monday, February 1, 2010

KVBC 2010 Ride Calendar (Preliminary)

Hi Gang! Welcome to 2010! Thanks to our dedicated volunteer ride leaders, it looks like we have a great riding season coming up. So while the winter months wind down and the days start getting longer, start getting that bike tuned up and ready for a new season of riding in central Maine. The preliminary ride calendar listings for club rides are below. If you can offer to lead or co-lead a ride on any open dates, let me know. Meanwhile mark your calendars and watch this space for up-to-date ride info, changes and additions. If your New Year's resolution was to ride your bike more, we'll try to keep you honest. Hope to see you all on the road in 2010!

Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club 2010 Ride Calendar

April 24 (Saturday) – KVBC Wake Up the Earth Ride, 10:00 AM, Manchester Elementary School, Manchester, 23 mi. Road, Jim Merrick.

May 1 (Saturday) – KVBC Wayne Ramble, 10:00 AM, Wayne Elementary School, Wayne, 25 mi. Road, Frank Rosen.

May 8 (Saturday) – KVBC Belgrade Lakes, 9:30 AM, Belgrade Community Center, Belgrade Lakes, 15 – 25 mi. Road, Jim Merrick.

May 16 (Sunday) – KVBC Rail Trail, 9:30 AM, Augusta Rail Trail Entrance, Augusta, 20 mi. Road, David Auclair.

May 22 (Saturday) – KVBC Tour of Litchfield, 9:30 AM, Libby-Tosier Elementary School, Litchfield, 25 mi. Road, George Luckhurst.

June 5 (Saturday) – KVBC Tour of Vassalboro, 9:30 AM, Vassalboro Community School, Vassalboro, 25 mi. Road, Dave Richard.

June 12 (Saturday) – KVBC Readfield Roundabout, 9:30 AM, Readfield Elementary School, Readfield, 25 mi. Road, Frank Rosen.

June 19 (Saturday) – KVBC Capital Breakfast Ride, 8:00 AM, Hussey Elementary School, Augusta, 25 mi. Road, Connie Brown.

June 27 (Sunday) – KVBC Eleven Ponds Ride, 9:00 AM, Mount Vernon Post Office, Mount Vernon, 30 mi. Road, Jim Merrick.

July 3 (Saturday) – KVBC Fourth of July Ride, 9:00 AM, James H. Bean Elementary School, Sidney, 25 mi. Road, Jim Putnam.

July 17 (Saturday) – KVBC Biking to Bowdoinham, 10:00 AM, Laura Richards School, Gardiner, 40-45 mi. Road, Joe Renda.

August 8 (Sunday) – KVBC Alna Alternative, 9:30 AM, Alna Post Office, Alna, 20-25 mi. Road, Sandi Hodge.

September 18 (Saturday) – KVBC Wandering Around Winthrop, 9:00 AM, Tom’s Bike Boutique, East Winthrop, 25 mi. Road, Denise Crowell.

September 26 (Sunday) – KVBC Pemaquid Ride, 9:30 AM, Biscay Pond Boat Landing, Damariscotta, 25-30 mi. Road, Sandi Hodge.