Monday, July 29, 2019

Richmond to the Sea

We had a great turn-out and a fine ride last Sunday from Gardiner to Bowdoinham. Special thanks to Joe Renda, who scoped out and marked the route in advance, and then didn't get to ride with us as he was on call.  I'm sure we'll do it again next year!  This Saturday we will head down to Wiscasset from the Richmond boat landing for another really nice ride.  Hope you can join us as we kick off the month of August!

Saturday, August 3rd - RICHMOND
"Wheeling Down to Wiscasset" - a tour along the river through Richmond, Dresden, and Wiscasset.
START: 9 AM at the public landing in Richmond (also known as Fort Richmond Park) at the junction of Front Street (Rt.24) and Main Street (Rt.197). Park in the public lot next to the landing.
DISTANCE: approx. 35-40 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate with one or two significant hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic views along the river and Wiscasset, with a possible stop at Treats in Wiscasset.
LEADER:  David Lipman,
LINK to RIDE MAP (2015):
We welcome suggestions for improving our rides and encourage active participation of all members.  For more information, contact Jim Merrick at or via the club blog, Posted Roads at, or check out the KVBC Facebook page

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ambling into August

Here is the KVBC Ride Calendar for August! A full slate of rides: down the river, around the lakes, deep into Amish country, and a vineyard tour near the coast! And lest we forget, we are still on for tomorrow's KVBC ride from Gardiner to Bowdoinham. Lots of great riding coming up!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Bowdoinham by Bike

It was excessively hot last Saturday on the hot dog ride from Kents Hill, but we managed to acquit ourselves admirably, especially in the hot dog consumption department. Many thanks to Patrick Cain and his cohorts at Kents Hill for treating us to hot dogs (as advertised) and smoothies and watermelon (unadvertised, and much appreciated on a hot day).  They all did a great job!  This Sunday we will set out on one of our most popular rides from Gardiner to Bowdoinham. Geology Joe is out marking the route, although he might not be able to ride with us on Sunday. Should be cooler than last week, thankfully, so we hope you can join us!

Sunday, July 28th - GARDINER
"Biking to Bowdoinham" - a tour of the southern Kennebec Valley through Gardiner, Richmond and Bowdoinham.
START:  9:00 AM, at the Laura Richards School, Rt. 201 in Gardiner, 1.5 miles south of the junction of Rt. 201 and Rt.s 126/9 (the junction near the A-1 Diner).  The school is a modern brick building with a "spiked ball" sculpture, on the west side of Rt. 201, on the left past the Gardiner Armory (just as you enter the "thickly settled" area).  Park in the lot on the north side of the school.
DISTANCE:  40 miles.
TERRAIN:  Moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS:  quiet back roads along streams and farmland south & west of Gardiner.
LEADERS:  Joe Renda,, Jim Merrick,
LINK to ROUTE MAP (2015):

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hot Dogs - A New Decade

Ken's Hot Dog Ride is moving to Ken(t)'s Hill! This Saturday we will have our annual Hot Dog Ride (shout out to the ride's founder, Ken Louis, who has moved afar, hopefully where there are still hot dogs) at the Kents Hill Alpine Sports Center near the junction of Rt.s 17 and 41 in Kents Hill. The club will again provide hot dogs and drinks, and you are welcome to bring things to share. The Alpine Center is equipped with a kitchen with fridge and microwave, and we will have a grill and some coolers (alcoholic beverages are not advised - remember, this is a high school). There are also rooms to change after the ride. There will be rides of 25 and 50 miles starting at 9 am, with optional metric and century routes for those so inclined (let the ride leader know if you want to start earlier than 9 am and he will send you cue sheets to go with the routes linked below). All of the routes will be unmarked with no support enroute, so plan for your independence accordingly. If Hot Dogs are not your thing, the Lobster Ride is scheduled for this Sunday at the Camden Snow Bowl.  We are hopeful of making this an annual event - many thanks to our hosts at Kents Hill Academy! Let's hope for a good turnout on Saturday!

Saturday, July 20 - KENTS HILL
"Ken(t)'s Hill Hot Dog Ride" - the annual KVBC cookout ride, in an all new location with a full slate of routes, and hot dogs, of course!
START: 9:00 am at the Kents Hill Alpine Sports Center, off Rt.41 near the junction of Rt.s 41 and 17 in Kents Hill (NOT the junction of these routes in Readfield Center).
DISTANCES: 25 or 50 miles, with possible options of 62 or 100 miles. The routes will be unmarked, but maps and cues sheets will be provided.
TERRAIN: variable, with flat, rolling, and hilly sections.
HIGHLIGHTS: great cycling roads and a post-ride hot dog roast at a great location overlooking the lake.
LEADER: Jim Merrick et al,, 293-3784.
Route Map - Quarter Century (25 mi):
Route Map - Half Century (51 mi):
Route Map - Metric Century (64 mi):
Route Map - Century (102 mi):

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Damariscotta on Draft

We had a splendid "Independence Day Ride" last Saturday in Sidney, now in its 16th (or is it 17th?) year, with nothing to hold us up but a cattle crossing in betwixt two interstate on ramps. Yay, Sidney!  And many thanks again to leader, Jim Putnam, and all who took part. This Saturday we will venture down to Damariscotta and a very popular ride down the coast to Pemaquid Point.  Will there be a lobster crossing?  Who knows?  We'll have to find out!

Saturday, July 13th; DAMARISCOTTA
"Drafting Through Damariscotta" - a tour through Bristol, Bremen, Pemaquid and Damariscotta.
START10:00 AM at Hannaford's supermarket, 469 Main Street (Business Rt. 1) in Damariscotta.
DISTANCE:  approx. 38 miles.
TERRAIN:  Moderate to rolling with no major hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic roads within the Pemaquid Peninsula, fresh and salt water views abound.
LEADER:  David Lipman,
Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club rides are open to members and to the cycling public.  Helmets are required of all riders at KVBC events.  It is also recommended that you bring with you on KVBC rides:  a map of the area in case you stray off route; tools for simple roadside repairs, especially a tire pump, spare tube and/or patch kit; water bottles or hydration systems; personal ID and a small first aid kit; and money for purchasing snacks & drinks en-route.  In case of severe weather, scheduled rides may be postponed or designated as "show & go" rides at the discretion of the ride leader.
We welcome suggestions for improving our rides and encourage active participation of all members.  For more information, contact Jim Merrick at 293-3784 or or check out the KVBC Facebook page, or visit the KVBC blog at

Monday, July 1, 2019

Take the Middle

We had some remarkable luck with the weather last Saturday in Belgrade Lakes, as the forecasts spoke of heavy rain and thundershowers, and the skies looked like they weren't kidding. But the rains never materialized despite it being dark and foreboding, so perhaps they were kidding all along. We did get in a very nice ride on nice new pavement, the darkness notwithstanding.  And we wouldn't be kidding to say that we have another fine ride in store for this Saturday - a classic Fourth of July ride from the Bean School on Middle Road in Sidney.  Hope you can join us!

Saturday, July 6th, SIDNEY:
"Independence along the Middle Road" - a mainstream  tour through the middle of Sidney & the middle of a prime farming district & the middle of Fourth of July preparations.
START:  9:00 AM at the James H. Bean Elementary School on Middle Road in Sidney.
Directions to the Bean School:
From south: I-95 North exit #120. Turn right at end of exit ramp onto Lyons Rd. Follow Lyons Rd. to stop sign. Turn left onto Middle Rd. Bean School is approximately one mile on the right.
From the north: I-95 South exit #120. Turn left at end of exit ramp onto Lyons Rd. Follow Lyons Rd. to stop sign. Turn left onto Middle Rd. Bean School is approximately one mile on the right.
DISTANCE:  16 or 30 Miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate with a few hills.
HIGHLIGHTS:  some fine back roads and Kennebec River views, and some Fourth of July paraphernalia, most likely.
LEADER:  Jim Putnam,


For more information on the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club, contact Jim Merrick at, check out our blog, Posted Roads at, or follow us on Facebook.