Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looping the Lakes in Smithfield

Cycling along Lakeshore Drive in Smithfield
Hey, it's September already!  Where did the summer go?  Fortunately we still have some great cycling ahead as we head into Fall.  We had a fine ride last Saturday from Richmond to Topsham - there were over 40 of us!  Well, actually, most of "us" were riding the Maine Hospice Century and Half-Century which overlapped a great part of our route.  It was a great ride and great to have so much company!  This Saturday we will be meeting in Smithfield for a great double loop around North and East Ponds with some great lakeside runs, followed by a nifty ice cream stop.  Hope you can join us!
Saturday, September 1st - SMITHFIELD
"Route 8 Figure 8" - a scenic tour through Smithfield, Belgrade, Rome, and Mercer.
START:  9:00 AM, at the new Smithfield Fire Station on Rt. 8 in Smithfield, about a quarter-mile north of the junction of Rt. 8 and Rt. 137.
DISTANCE:  15 and 28 miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate to moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS:  many scenic lake views and back roads, and an ice cream stop.
LEADER:  Larry Childs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Merrymeeting in the Interim

"Coastal Rider" by Timothy Easton
The rains that fell just prior to the start of last Saturday's ride in Wings Mills couldn't deter the lure of gourmet hot dogs to an intrepid group of club members, and I have it on good authority that the ride went off on a roll, and drew plenty of nice condiments.  There were no weiners (weenies? whiners?) at the start of the ride, and they made short work of the weiners at the end of the ride.  OK, I'll stop now before I come up with another bad pun, and frankly thank Ken Louis for another great ride and his post-ride hospitality.  This Saturday's ride starts in Richmond, as we explore part of the proposed Merrymeeting Trail - the trail's interim on-road section from Richmond to Topsham, along the shore of Merrymeeting Bay.  The weather looks great and we hope you can make it!
Saturday, August 25th, RICHMOND
"Merrymeeting in the Interim" - a tour of the new Merrymeeting Trail Interim on-road route from Richmond to Topsham and return.
START: 9:00 am at the Fort Richmond Waterfront Park Gazebo, Front Street (Rt. 24), Richmond
DISTANCE: 34 miles
TERRAIN: unknown at press time
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic waterfront roads along the western shore of Merrymeeting Bay
LEADER: "To Be Determined," aka Jim Merrick.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Dog!

Riding Out of Wings Mills

We certainly are having a great year for cycling, weather-wise.  Once again, the weather cooperated (despite a lousy forecast) and we were able to get in our ride in Gardner on Saturday without any rain.  Some drizzle, yes, and some wet pavement, but for those of us who rode it was an extremely nice ride along the back roads of Gardiner, Richmond and Litchfield.  We have another great ride coming up this Saturday in Wings Mills - Ken's fabulous Hot Dog Ride!  If you can live down being a Hot Dog at the beginning, you'll definitely be rewarded with a Hot Dog at the end!  Don't miss it!

Saturday, August 18th - WING'S MILLS (Mount Vernon)
"Hot Dog! - The Hot Dog Ride" (not because we'll ride like one but because we will want one) - a tour through Mount Vernon, Belgrade, North Augusta, and Manchester
START: 9:00 AM at 49 Marble Point Rd., Mount Vernon
      Directions to Start:
           From Augusta, take #27 North to Belgrade and turn left onto #135 (Christy's store   and blinking light)
           Go 3 miles and right onto Wings Mill Rd; go 2.5 miles and right onto Marble Point Rd. which is just
           after crossing Belgrade Stream; it is a hard pack dirt road and we are the log home on the right)

           From Mount Vernon, Readfield: Take North Rd to Wings Mills Rd and go about 3 miles to Marble Point Rd;
           just after passing Bartlett Rd on the right, turn left onto Marble Point

           Delorme Maine Atlas Map 12; A-4. Just west and across the stream from the intersection of Dunn Rd and
           Wings Mill Rd. (Marble Point is not listed by name on the map).
DISTANCE: 29 miles
TERRAIN: Moderate with some hills
HIGHLIGHTS: Views of Belgrade Stream, Hamilton Pond, Stuart Pond, Messalonskee Lake, Doctor Pond, Silver Lake, Gould Pond, with a Hot Dog cookout lunch following the ride - swimming available also.  
LEADER: Ken Louis.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Gardiner Field & Stream

Heading out from Gardiner
We had another great ride from Winthrop last Saturday, welcoming some new riders and exploring some new pavement.  A smooth introduction to riding with the KVBC!  We had a fine turnout, and again some superb weather for cycling.  Hopefully it will continue this weekend when we meet in Gardiner on Saturday for another tour along the quiet back roads to the south of Augusta, the route slightly modified from the original ride description in the calendar.  You'll be slightly mollified when you see how nice it is.  Hope to see you there!
Saturday, August 11th - GARDINER
"Gardiner Field & Stream" - a tour of the southern Kennebec Valley through Gardiner, Richmond, Bowdoin, and Litchfield.
START:  9:00 AM, at the Laura Richards School, Rt. 201 in Gardiner, 1.5 miles south of the junction of Rt. 201 and Rt.s 126/9 (the junction near the A-1 Diner).  The school is a new brick building with a "spiked ball" sculpture, on the west side of Rt. 201, on the left past the Gardiner Armory (just as you enter the "thickly settled" area).  Park in the lot on the north side of the school.
DISTANCE:  27 miles.
TERRAIN:  Moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS:  quiet back roads along streams and farmland south & west of Gardiner.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick.