Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A GUSTAtorial Adventure

We had a terrific ride from Norridgewock on Sunday, exploring some roads that many of us had not ridden before. In keeping with tradition, we also had a fine hot dog roast after the ride - many thanks to Denise and Brian for hosting, and for the various culinary contributions by other riders. It was all greatly appreciated! This Saturday we will do breakfast, meeting in Augusta at the Hussey Elementary School at 8:30 am for a 27-mile ride through the rural side of Augusta and Chelsea, stopping at Rebecca's on Rt. 17. Should be a nice tune-up for those doing the BCM Lobster Ride on Sunday. Hope you can join us!

Saturday, July 22nd - AUGUSTA
"Capital Breakfast Ride" - a tour through the stately residential areas and outlying farms of our capital city.
START: 8:30 AM at the parking lot of the Hussey Elementary School on Quimby Street in Augusta. Quimby is right off Rt. 100 at the traffic light across from Auclair's Cycle heading north. The school is up the hill about a quarter mile on the left. 
DISTANCE: 27 miles. 
TERRAIN: moderate with a few hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: An optional breakfast stop at Rebecca's on Rt.17, some really fine touring roads east of the capital, new and intriguing routes - and did we mention breakfast?
LEADER: Jim Merrick, hjmerrick@gmail.com, 293-3784.
For more information on the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club, contact Jim Merrick at 293-3784, hjmerrick@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook or check out the KVBC blog at http://postedroads.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Hot Dogs Return

This Sunday's ride will be the ninth annual Ken's Hot Dog Ride, starting from an all new location. A bit of ride history:
2008 - Ken Louis suggests a ride from his house in Wings Mills with a post-ride hot dog roast, inspired (he says) by a running feature on the Weather Channel. The 1st year's turn-out is modest but appreciative.
2009 - The Weather Channel reacts with disdain to Ken's intrusion on their turf; the weather is cold and threatening, only two people show up, and neither are sure why they did.
2010-2012 - Ken does "something" and conditions and turn-outs improve. He eventually prints up a 5th anniversary t-shirt (some say it makes a great painting shirt - we'll have a hot dog for you, Roger).
2015 - Another setback, as the ride is officially condemned by the World Health Organization. Notwithstanding, the ride turnout increases.
2016 - Ken's ride hits a record number of riders, and runs out of hot dogs. Perhaps as a result, the Louis's sell their house and move to an undisclosed location in Portland. Does this spell the end of Ken's Hot Dog Ride? Not a chance!
2017 - we will hold the 9th annual Ken's Hot Dog Ride in Norridgewock.

Sunday, July 16th - NORRIDGEWOCK
"Hot Dog! - The Hot Dog Ride" (not because we'll ride like one but because we will want one) - a tour through New Sharon, Starks, Anson, Madison and Norridgewock.
START: 9:00 AM at 434 Frederick Corner Road in Norridgewock,
about two miles from the junction of Rt.2 in Norridgewock. Park along the sides of the driveway wherever you can.
DISTANCE: 43 miles
TERRAIN: Moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS: Little traveled back roads along the Sandy River, and a post-ride hot dog BBQ!
LEADERS: Brian Bowker, 485-6793, bbowk321@yahoo.com; and Denise Crowell, 213-8336, denisemcrowell@gmail.com.
For more information about the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club, contact Jim Merrick at 293-3784 or hjmerrick@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook, or check out the KVBC blog, Posted Roads, at http://postedroads.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Back to Boothbay

The Boothbay ride on Sunday is back on again!  We will once again have a double-header along the coast this weekend, meeting in Damariscotta on Saturday at 10 am at Hannaford's Plaza, and again on Sunday in Boothbay at the Knickerbocker Boat Landing at 9 am.  The weather for the weekend is looking very nice, so hope to see a good number of you on one or both of the rides.  Once again, have a Happy Fourth!

Sunday, July 9th: BOOTHBAY
"Bicycling Through Boothbay" - a seaside tour around Boothbay, Barter, Sawyer, and Southport.
START: 9:00 AM at the Knickerbocker Boat Landing, off of Knickerbocker Road just north of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.
DISTANCE: 20+ miles.
TERRAIN: easy to moderate.
HIGHLIGHTS: more ocean views and seaside villas, plus a possible stop for lobster rolls at the Trevett General Store.
LEADER:  Cynthia Snow, csnow@msad11.org.
LINK TO RIDE MAP (2015): http://gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6802082
LINK TO BCM CALENDAR: http://www.bikemaine.org/event2/kvbc-bicycling-to-boothbay

For more information, contact Jim Merrick at 293-3784 or hjmerrick@gmail.com or check out the KVBC Facebook page.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Only Damariscotta

We kicked off July with the 14th annual "Independence Day" ride in Sidney on Saturday. The weather was a bit sticky, but we had a great turn-out of 25 riders who set a brisk pace to avoid the forecast afternoon rains. Many thanks to Jim Putnam and company for a great ride! This Saturday we will revisit one of our popular rides on the coast, cycling from Damariscotta to Pemaquid Point. Please note the 10:00 am start. Also, please be advised that we will be riding from Damariscotta on Saturday and from Boothbay on Sunday this weekend. Hope you can join us, and have a Happy Fourth!

Saturday, July 8th; DAMARISCOTTA
"Drafting Through Damariscotta" - a tour through Bristol, Bremen, Pemaquid and Damariscotta.
START:  10:00 AM at Hannaford's supermarket, 469 Main Street (Business Rt. 1) in Damariscotta.
DISTANCE:  approx. 40 miles.
TERRAIN:  Moderate to rolling with no major hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic roads within the Pemaquid Peninsula, fresh and salt water views abound.
LEADER:  David Lipman,  dlipman@lipmankatz.com.
LINK TO RIDE MAP (2015): http://gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6791021
LINK TO BCM CALENDAR: http://www.bikemaine.org/event2/kvbc-drafting-through-damariscotta-2

For more information, contact Jim Merrick at 293-3784 or hjmerrick@gmail.com or check out the KVBC Facebook page.