Friday, March 24, 2017

Saturday, March 25, Ride in Sidney CANCELED

Winter does not seem to want to call it quits just yet, so due to possibly poor road conditions our planned KVBC ride tomorrow in Sidney will be canceled.  We will shoot for our next scheduled ride, Saturday April 8, in Vassalboro.  Stay warm, and see you in April!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Johnny B. Good(hu)e

According to the calendar, the Vernal Equinox is tomorrow, March 20, and this weekend is Maine Maple Sunday, and (if the weather holds up) we will have a ride on Saturday!  We will meet "Way back up in the woods among the evergreens" at Bacon Farm Maple Products in Sidney for a 20-mile ride. In case of rain (or worse) we may cancel and just "go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track." Hope to see you Saturday!

Saturday, March 25 - SIDNEY
"Johnny B. Good(hu)e, or Maine Maple Sidney" - a sweet ride to mark the alleged arrival of Spring and Maine Maple Sunday with a stop at a Sugar House on Goodhue Road in Sidney.
START: 10:00 AM, at Bacon Farm Maple Products at the corner of Goodhue Road and Rt. 23 (Pond Road) in Sidney. Parking may be limited to streetside, although there may be additional parking available at the New England Music Camp on Rt. 23 just north of the Sugar House.
DISTANCE: about 20 miles
TERRAIN: moderate with some hills
HIGHLIGHTS: Maple syrup! Maple products! Maple Sidney! Go Johnnie Go!
LEADER: John Lanoue
BCM Calendar Link:

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

2017 KVBC Ride Calendar

Here is the 2017 Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Ride Calendar.  Many thanks to our volunteer ride leaders for offering to lead rides this year!  We have some really interesting rides planned for this season - a few of which are still in the planning stages, so some of the ride info will be updated later - and we may have some last-minute changes or additions.  Hopefully we will have some warmer and dryer weather coming up, and we'll need it, as our first ride is scheduled for two weeks from this Saturday, on March 25 in Sidney as part of Maine Maple Sunday weekend.  Note to Ride Leaders: if you notice any corrections to be made in the listings please let me know.  Thank you!  Hope to see you all out on the road this year.  We should have another great year of riding ahead!

Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club 2017 Ride Calendar

March 25, Saturday: SIDNEY - “Maine Maple Sidney.” Start: 10:00 AM, Bacon Farm Maple Products, 415 Goodhue Road, Sidney 04330. 20 mi. Leader: John Lanoue.

April 8, Saturday: VASSALBORO – “Let’s Ride Fifteen (KVBC 15th Anniversary).” Start: 10:00 AM, Vassalboro Town Office, 682 Main Street, Vassalboro 04989. 15 mi. Leader: Jeanine Libby.

April 22, Saturday: AUGUSTA – “Wake Up the Earth Ride.” Start: 10:00 AM, Kennebec River Rail Trail, Augusta 04330. 21 mi. Leader: Jim Floyd.

April 23, Sunday: WINSLOW – “Big Gs and Bare Knees.” Start: 9:30 AM, Winslow Elementary School, 285 Benton Avenue, Winslow 04901. 27 mi. Leader: Jeanine Libby.

May 6, Saturday: SKOWHEGAN – “Ales and Acorns.” Start: 10:00 AM, Oak Pond Brewery, 101 Oak Pond Road, Skowhegan 04976. 38 mi.  Leader: John Lanoue.

May 14, Sunday: VASSALBORO – “Biking with the Alewives.” Start: 9:00 AM, Vassalboro Elementary School, 1116 Webber Pond Road, Vassalboro 04989.  26 mi. Leader: Jeanine Libby.

May 21, Sunday: READFIELD – “Maranacook Meander.” Start: 10:00 AM, Maranacook School Superintendent’s Office, 45 Millard Harrison Drive, Readfield 04355. 27 mi. Leader: Lydia Leimbach.

May 28, Sunday: VASSALBORO – “Velo Vassalboro.” Start: 9:00 AM, Arrowhead Drive, Vassalboro 04989. 24 mi. Leader: David Lipman.

June 3, Saturday: WATERVILLE – “China sans Green Bean’s.” Start: 9:00 AM, Waterville Junior High School, 100 West River Road, Waterville 04901. Leader: Steve Robe.

June 11, Sunday: BRUNSWICK – “Cundy’s and Sundaes.” Start: 9:30 AM, TBD, Brunswick 04011. 27 mi. Leader: Ken Louis.

June 17, Saturday: FAYETTE – “Kennebec Land Trust Property Pedal.” Start: 9:00 AM, David Pond Woodland Conservation Area, Sandy River Road, Fayette 04349. 14 or 36 mi. Leaders: Jim Floyd and Jim Merrick.

June 23-25, Friday-Sunday: GREENVILLE – “Greenville Hike, Bike, and Boat.” Start: 6 pm (Friday) at Little Lyford Pond Lodge and Cabins in Greenville (fee TBD), 10:30 am (Sunday) at Moosewood Maritime Museum for the Bike & Boat tour (fee: $25), Greenville 04441. Leader: Jeanine Libby.

June 24, Saturday: JEFFERSON – “Down Around Damariscotta.” Start: 9:00 AM, Jefferson Village School, 48 Washington Road, Jefferson 04348. 26 mi. Leader: Bryan Griffin.

July 1, Saturday: SIDNEY – “Fourth of July Ride.” Start: 9:00 AM, James H. Bean Elementary School, 2896 Middle Road, Sidney 04330. 29 mi. Leader: Jim Putnam.

July 8, Saturday: DAMARISCOTTA – “Drafting Through Damariscotta.” Start: 10:00 AM, Hannaford’s Plaza, 469 Main Street, Damariscotta 04543. 38 mi. Leader: David Lipman.

July 9, Sunday: BOOTHBAY – “Bicycling to Boothbay.” Start: 9:00 AM, Knickerbocker Boat Landing, Boothbay 04357. 22 mi. Leader: David Lipman.

July 16, Sunday: NORRIDGEWOCK – “Ken’s Hot Dog Ride.” Start: 9:00 AM, 434 Frederic Corner Road, Norridgewock 04957. 25 or 60 mi. Leaders: Denise “Ken” Crowell and Brian “Ken” Bowker.

July 22, Saturday: AUGUSTA – “Capitol Breakfast Ride.” Start: 8:30 AM, Lillian Parks Hussey Elementary School, 12 Gedney Street, Augusta 04330. 27 mi. Leader: Jim Merrick.

July 30, Sunday: GARDINER – “Biking to Bowdoinham.” Start: 9:00 AM, Laura Richards Elementary School, 279 Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner 04345. 40 mi. Leader: Joe Renda.

August 6, Sunday: MANCHESTER – “Cobbossee Odyssey.” Start: 9:00 AM, Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream, McArdle Street, Manchester 04351. 29 mi. Leader: John Lanoue.

August 13, Sunday: LINCOLNVILLE - “Out through the Cellar Door.” Start: 10:00 AM, Cellardoor Winery, 367 Youngtown Road, Lincolnville 04849. 31 mi. Leader: Tammy Jones.

August 19, Saturday: WHITEFIELD – “Hills and Mills.” Start: 10:00 AM, 184 Hunts Meadow Road, Whitefield 04353. Leader: Bryan Griffin.

August 26, Saturday: BELGRADE LAKES – “Lakes Deep, Grades Steep.” Start: 9:00 AM, Belgrade Community Center for All Seasons, 1 Center Drive Rt 27, Belgrade 04917. Leader: Bud Newell.

September 3, Sunday: OAKLAND – “Barreling Through Oakland.” Start: 9:00 AM, Tree Spirits, 152 Fairfield Street, Oakland 04963. Leader: Tammy Jones.

September 17, Sunday: LIVERMORE – “Boothby’s Apple Ride.” Start: 9:00 AM, Pike’s Corner Oasis, 1247 Park Street, Livermore Falls 04254. 39 mi. Leader: John Lanoue.

September 24, Sunday: WAYNE – “Which Way to Wayne?” Start: 9:00 AM, Wayne Elementary School, 48 Pond Road, Wayne 04284. 37 mi. Leader: Fritz Onion.

September 30, Saturday: SMITHFIELD – “Route 8 Figure 8.” Start: 9:00 AM, Smithfield Town Office, 926 Village Road, Smithfield 04978. 31 mi. Leader: Larry Childs.

October 8, Sunday: NORRIDGEWOCK – “A Wire Bridge Too Far.” Start: 9:30 AM, 434 Frederic Corner Road, Norridgewock 04957. 65 mi. Leaders: Denise Crowell and Brian Bowker.

October 15, Sunday: FREEPORT – “Freewheeling around Freeport.” Start: 9:30 AM, Amtrak Station, 23 Depot Road, Freeport 04032 (or TBD). 26 or 35 mi. Leader: Ken Louis.

October 22, Sunday: FARMINGTON – “Ups and Downs of Industry.” Start: 9:30 AM, Hannaford’s Plaza, 131 Hannaford Drive, Farmington 04938. 30 mi. Leader: Jim Merrick.

October 29, Sunday: WAYNE – “Wicked Wayne.” Start: 9:30 AM, Wayne Elementary School, 48 Pond Road, Wayne 04284. 20 mi. Leader: Jim Merrick.