Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring on the Big Lakes

Well we almost lucked out with the weather last Saturday, but the rains only held off until about a half-hour before the start, and then mixed with sleet. With temperatures dropping, Frank & I decided to postpone the ride till some other day with less hypothermic conditions. Not the way we drew up the start for the season, but we'll just hit the "reset" button and give it another go this Saturday! More showers are on the way this week, but they most likely won't last through all of April, and we'll find out on the last day of the month when Denise takes us on a tour of the big lakes in Winthrop, Monmouth, and Manchester - hopefully on dry pavement! See you then!

Saturday, April 30th - EAST WINTHROP
"The Big Lakes Tour" - a ride along the shorelines of Lakes Maranacook, Annabessacook, and Cobbosseecontee.
START: 9:30 AM at the parking lot of Tom's Bike Boutique, 2208 Rt.202 in East Winthrop, accross from D.R Struck's Nursery.
DISTANCE: 25-30 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate with some hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: Some nice lakeside runs along backroads in Winthrop, Monmouth, and Manchester.
LEADER: Denise Crowell.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wake Up The Earth Ride

OK. We've had the late, late Winter snows and enough April showers to fill several flower shows. Enough of that already! Now it's time to Wake Up the Earth! Come on out and join us in Wayne the day after Earth Day, to kick off the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club's 10th season! It looks like we have a great lineup of rides scheduled (and more to come) and we hope to get off to a great start in Wayne on Saturday. If you haven't gotten many miles in yet, no worries - this is a fairly flat route and a great first ride to start the season. All are welcome! And with gas nearing 4 bucks a gallon, never a better time than Earth Day to start traveling as "car-free" as you can. Hope to see everyone this Saturday!

Saturday, April 23rd - WAYNE
"Wake Up the Earth!" - an Earth Day tour of the lakes and waterfalls around Wayne, Leeds, Livermore, and Wayne.
START: 10:00 AM at the Wayne Elementary School, 48 Pond Road, Wayne.
DISTANCE: 25-30 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate, with some surprisingly flat sections.
HIGHLIGHTS: some very nice scenic shore roads, meadows, and waterfalls - and we're back riding again!
LEADER: Frank Rosen.
For more information about the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club contact Jim Merrick at

Friday, April 1, 2011

The All-New DomestiqueBot

Have you ever dreamed of winning a stage in the Tour de France, just like the pros, but thought it was beyond your reach? Well now that yellow jersey can be more than a dream - with the incredible all-new DomestiqueBot!

Yes, your very own personal domestique - loyal, tireless, dedicated - and synchronized with a fully automated support team to shepherd you to victory!

DomestiqueBot will silently see to your every need on tour. Never complaining about dropping back to the support vehicle for the umpteenth time to fetch you another water bottle. Or giving you one of his wheels whenever you have a flat. Or charging ahead to reel in a rival's breakaway just because you're too tired to do it.

What's more, DomestiqueBot will never test positive for illegal substances (unless motor oil is declared an illegal substance), and will never testify that you pressured him into performance enhancing drug use, or implicate you in any way. DomestiqueBot will never let you down!

Can you picture yourself in this scene?

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