Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off to Industry

Clearwater Pond

We had a nice turn-out under cloudy skies for our ride last Saturday around Lake Cobbossee.  Managed to avoid any serious rain, as we just had to contend with some wet roads for a time (and for one member of our group, a couple of flat tires).  Thanks to Cynthia Snow for volunteering to lead the ride, and showing some of us an unfamiliar route.  Please join us Saturday morning in Farmington for a pretty ride to Clearwater Pond in Allens Mills and some great ridgetop views as we head into the Fall Season.
Saturday, September 22nd:  FARMINGTON
"The Ups and Downs of Industry":  a ride through the picturesque hills and hollows of Farmington, New Sharon, and Industry.
START:  9:00 A.M., at the Hannaford Plaza on Rt. 4 in Farmington, about a mile south from the junction of Rt. 4 and Rt. 27, towards Wilton.  Park near the entrance to the shopping plaza.
DISTANCE:  25-30 miles.
TERRAIN:  rolling to hilly - includes an optional short (1/4 mi.) section of hard-packed dirt road, which can be circumvented by adding a mile to the overall route.
HIGHLIGHTS:  quiet back roads along the Sandy River, spectacular panoramic views from the ridgetops of New Sharon & Industry, Clearwater Pond at Allens Mills.
LEADER:  Larry Childs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cobbossee, Cobbossee

Taking a Break near Monmouth

We had a nice ride Sunday in Belgrade Lakes.  It was cloudy and quite cool at the start, but it stayed dry and the sun did finally come out as we were climbing the hills on Rt. 226 into Rome.  It is definitely starting to feel like Fall, and we have a beautiful stretch of weather ahead.  This Saturday we'll meet in East Winthrop in front of Tom's Bike Boutique where Cynthia has a great route planned around Lake Cobbossee.  Hope you can make it!

September 15th, Saturday:  EAST WINTHROP

"A Cobbossee Odyssey":  a tour around Cobbosseecontee Lake.
START:  9:00 A.M., at the parking lot of Tom's Bike Boutique, 2208 Rt.202 in East Winthrop, across from D.R Struck's Nursery.
DISTANCE:  30 miles.
TERRAIN:  rolling with some challenging hills.
HIGHLIGHTS:  views of Cobbossee Lake, back roads of Winthrop, Manchester, West Gardiner, Litchfield, and Monmouth.
LEADER:  Cynthia Snow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grading on the Bel(grade) Curve

Blueberry Hill Overlook
We had beautiful weather last Saturday for the ride in Smithfield, and we had a nice turnout for a holiday weekend.  We has some really nice runs through Smithfield, Rome & Mercer, and we even got to the Ice Cream Place in Smithfield before it closed for the season.  Many thanks to Larry Childs for leading the ride, and to all who turned out.  This Sunday's ride will see a return to the site of our very first club ride in May 2002, at the Belgrade Community Center.  The records show we had 17 people turn out in cold, raw, blustery conditions for a 15 mile ride (still one of the route options for Sunday, hopefully in nicer conditions).  Just for kicks, I dug out the original email announcement for the "First Bike Ride" sent out ten years ago:
First Bike Ride - Saturday, May 11th, 9:30 AM
Ride Start: Belgrade Community Center, Rt. 27, a half mile south of the village of Belgrade Lakes, on the right (southbound) next to the Great Pond Marina.  Park along the road in front of the Community Center.
Ride Description: "The Long and the Short of It" - a short ride around Long Pond.  This will be a 15 mile road ride around Long Pond in Belgrade, with an optional climb up Blueberry Hill (.4 mi. of dirt).  Helmets required.
Terrain:  rolling with a few hills.
Highlights:  the village of Belgrade Lakes, Blueberry Hill Scenic Area, Castle Island.
Special Note:  there will be an opportunity for a post-ride get together at a restaurant in Belgrade Lakes, to socialize and discuss upcoming rides, and club organization.
For more information, contact: Jim Merrick.
You'll note that we didn't have a club name (or even any actual members yet) and that I was just as bad at giving directions.  It was very strange leading a ride when I really didn't know anyone there, but I was just glad that anyone showed up.  It certainly never occurred to me that ten years later I would be back in Belgrade Lakes leading my 100th KVBC ride.  I guess that means I'm still glad anyone shows up.  Anyway, the ride Sunday is a nice one - scenic with some challenging hills - and hopefully the rain will clear out by the weekend.  I did manage to get out and arrow the routes before the rain, so the route is freshly marked.  Hope to see you there!
September 9th, Sunday:  BELGRADE LAKES
"Belgrade Lakes and Highlands" - a tour around Great Pond through Belgrade, Rome, and Smithfield.
START:  9:00 A.M., at the Belgrade Community Center on Rt. 27, a half mile south of the Village of Belgrade Lakes, on the right (northbound) just past the Great Pond Marina.  Park in the community center parking lot nearest the street (just as you turn in).
DISTANCE:  23 or 30 miles, with a short option of 15 miles (all arrowed).
TERRAIN:  rolling to "moderately" hilly (translation: there are hills on this ride).
HIGHLIGHTS:  views of the Belgrade Lakes, some roller coaster hills, Castle Island, and Blueberry Hill.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick.