Tuesday, November 19, 2019

New Old Jerseys

Still watching the weekend weather for a ride opening free of ice and snow. Meanwhile, as a follow-up for ordering the "old-style" KVBC jersey (if you missed out the first few go-rounds, or want a different size, or color, or sleeve-length, or whatever) Champion System is offering us a 20% discount for a club order before the end of the year. Thus the less-expensive Tech Lite jersey (normally $44) would be $35.20, and the more-expensive Tech Pro jersey (normally $54) would be $43.20 [unless my math is wrong]. Here's a link to their current sizing charts: https://champ-sys.com/sizing-guide. They also claim to have a 3-week turn-around, and they offer crash replacement jerseys - they even offer to send you a smaller size if your increased cycling boosts your fitness level so that your jersey no longer fits. (They don't offer to send you a larger size if your increased cycling range causes you to stop at more pastry shops, alas.) So let me know if you are interested, and we may also arrange for another round of ordering the new-style jerseys as well.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Eleven of 'em

The weather forecasters have been throwing the S-word around this week (and we're not talking "sunny").  Haven't seen anything yet, but it sure feels like it.  This weekend still looks pretty good, with conditions a bit warmer on Sunday, so we'll try for another November ride, this time in Mount Vernon and Chesterville - 29 miles with a shorter 14 mile option.  Plus a potential stop at the cafe in Mount Vernon at the ride's end.  Once again, I'll bring along the new KVBC jerseys for those of you still waiting for yours.  And if you are hankering for one of the original KVBC jerseys (as someone asked about), let me know, and if there's enough interest I'll see about placing another order.  Stay warm, and see you Sunday!

Sunday, November 10th - MOUNT VERNON
"Eleven Ponds" - a tour past many of the hidden ponds and lakes in Mount Vernon, Fayette, Chesterville, and Vienna.
START:  10:00 AM, Mount Vernon Post Office, just off Rt. 41 on Main Street in Mount Vernon.
DISTANCE:  14 and 29 miles.
TERRAIN:  Rolling with a few good hills (and one memorable one).
HIGHLIGHTS:  rural back roads winding through many small ponds and lakes, and across the top of the Chesterville Esker.  Possible post-ride get-together at the cafe in Mt. Vernon village.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick, hjmerrick@gmail.com, 293-3784.
Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club rides are open to members and to the cycling public.  Helmets are required of all riders at KVBC events.  In case of severe weather, scheduled rides may be postponed or designated as "show & go" rides at the discretion of the ride leader.  For ride updates and reports, check out the KVBC blog at http://postedroads.blogspot.com or follow us on Facebook.