Monday, March 2, 2009

New Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Weblog Launched!

Welcome to the launch of POSTED ROADS, the new weblog of the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club! The purpose of the new site is to post up-to-date information on club rides, with ride maps, pictures, descriptions, road conditions, feedback, and other commentary. It is hoped that this will help us disseminate information on club activities and interests in a green, paperless, environmentally friendly way.

The Kennebec Valley Bicycling Club (KVBC) was founded in 2002, and has been sponsoring rides in the Central Maine area (Augusta - Waterville and environs) ever since. KVBC rides are open to all, and annual memberships are offered to individuals ($10) and households ($15), payable in early April.

The KVBC is affiliated with the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the League of American Bicyclists.

For more information on the KVBC and POSTED ROADS, please leave a comment below.


  1. Hey Jim. Just wanted to be the first to comment.

  2. As a new member, I was wondering how fast your weekend rides are? What's the avg. speed? George

  3. Hi George. It usually depends on the group. People can ride at their own pace. We usually try to stay together and socialize somewhat - there may be a faster group and a slower group, but we try to have someone in the lead group "cover" turns (stay behind for a bit to make sure the following group doesn't miss the turn). The pace can also change with the terrain on the ride.

  4. Thanks for the info. I'll be at the April ride and try to keep up. George

  5. How do you find out where the rides start?

  6. KVBC ride starting locations are posted for each ride listed on the Bicycle Coalition of Maine ride calendar - both online and in print. We will post each ride here and by email a week or two in advance or as soon as we have that information. Most rides we try and get the ride starts set well in advance, but some rides are less formal and organized on the spur of the moment, occasionally by other bike groups.

  7. Greetings,

    I'm driving up to Belgrade Lakes this Saturday, 7/10th, and staying through the following Saturday. I've been a member of the Westchester Cycle Club, NY, for 3 years and typically do rides of about 40-60 miles, moderately hilly (2500-5000 ft of elevation) in the
    14-16+ mph range. I greatly prefer riding with others and want to know if anyone is interested in sharing rides during the coming week? I can be reached at cell phone: 914-826-3440. Am looking forward to exploring the area! Best, Ave (pronounced like Dave without the D)