Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain? What Rain??

Kirsten Harris of Bath, Trek Across Maine 2009. Jose Leiva Photo, Sun Journal.

As soon as I saw this photo in last weekend's coverage of the Trek Across Maine in the Lewiston Sun Journal, I was convinced I had to get it on the blog somehow. Coming in the midst of a glum, dark stretch of dreary weather, it definitely was a boost to the spirit and reminded me of many fun times riding in the rain - something always useful to be reminded of from time to time. Identified by the paper as Kirsten Harris of Bath (number 1243 on your program), she was captured on film by Jose Leiva coming into Farmington, dampened in everything but spirit. Mr. Leiva graciously granted me permission to use the photo with proper attribution and credit, and thanks to him, here it is.

KVBC member John Schooley reports that "about 2500 of us had a very adventurous albeit a bit wet TREK last weekend. It sure felt great to get that medal at the finish line! As usual , We were all inspired by the volunteers who just did a wonderful job. Our bicycle community is TOPS!"

Geology Joe did even better - you can read his daily journal of his Trek on his blog, Sling Shot Thought.

If any of you other folks have additional Trek adventures to share, send 'em along and I'll get them posted when I get a chance. I may even wring out a few memories of my long-ago Boston-Montreal-Boston adventure, where I swear it rained four straight days (and almost all 1,200 kilometers). My fingers and toes are pruning up just thinking of it. On second thought, maybe I'll skip that until we have drought conditions (assuming we ever have such a thing). Right now, I'll settle for dry pavement. Let's hope the rain gods start to give us a break.

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