Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breakfast Ride Report - Mount Vernon

Last Friday we took advantage of a beautiful, crisp morning to set off from Readfield village on another KVBC Two Wheels Over Easy breakfast ride. We headed up the smooth, newly-paved surface of Church Road, climbing up to the North Road and Mount Vernon. As the four of us stopped mid-way on the long ascent, we noticed another cyclist coming up from behind. As he got closer we recognized him - Jim Putnam - who had got stuck in Readfield Depot, waiting for a train to clear the crossing. He caught us easily enough, and the five of us proceeded on our way.

We rode up the North Road toward Mount Vernon and then descended Blake Hill to Rt. 41. We came into town enjoying a very pretty run along the shore of Lake Minnehonk.

The breakfast stop was at the Olde Post Office Cafe, once the town's post office (I can remember buying stamps there when we first moved to the area). The cafe has since transformed the village of Mount Vernon "upscale" and stamps were not on my mind when we parked our bikes and went inside. Inside, one orders by the register, strategically situated beside a glass case full of enticing pastries. The fellow in front of me, a non-cyclist, capitulated and ordered, rather sheepishly, an enormous piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I was set on ordering a "breakfast burrito" - a wrap with scrambled eggs, cheese, and salsa - but I took pity on the poor guy and I found myself saying: "I'll have one of those, too!" not sheepishly at all. The burrito was great, but the carrot cake really hit the spot. Another member of our party ordered the "stuffed French toast" which consisted of French toast stuffed with cream cheese and fruit. It looked pretty good, too, but how much cream cheese can you eat with breakfast anyway?

We decided to leave that interesting question for another day. Most of the group set off on Rt. 41 to return to the start in Readfield, while I headed down the road to pick up my car at the mechanic's, and thence to work. I thought I might have to miss the entire ride, but then I considered that the "delayed at the car shop" would serve as a useful excuse for arriving late, where "delayed by carrot cake" would not.

We are hopeful of getting in a few more breakfast rides this fall. Our next stop may be the Top of the Hill Grill in New Sharon. Stay tuned!

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