Monday, April 30, 2012

Manchester with Mayo

Climbing Rt. 135 towards Manchester
We had a rather frosty ride last Saturday.  According to the thermometer in my car, it was 35 degrees at the ride start in Wayne, and with the winds at 20 mph, we started out with wind chills estimated at about 24 degrees - I'm not sure I believe that, but it was definitely cold.  I think I started out with four layers and I might have finished with more.  The winds never let up, but it did warm up to 40.  Those of us who rode were glad the sun was out, and we did have some great scenery along the route.  We even swung by Tubby's Ice Cream at the end of the ride but, alas, they weren't open yet.  Can't imagine why.  Hope you can all come out this Saturday as May is Bike Month, and we kick things off on Cinco de Mayo with a ride exploring the back roads north of Manchester and Wings Mills.  See you then!

Saturday, May 5th - MANCHESTER
"Cinco de Mayo in Manchester" - a posted roads tour from Manchester to Wings Mills.
START:  9:30 AM, at the Manchester Elementary School parking lot on Rt. 17, near the junction of Rt. 17 & Rt. 202.  The school is on the left next to the fire station just after you turn off Rt. 202 onto Rt. 17 West.
DISTANCE:  23 miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate, with one long hill.
HIGHLIGHTS:  We'll ride some paved (albeit sandy) back roads along some streams in and out of Wings Mills and take in some pre-foliage hilltop views.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick.

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