Thursday, May 10, 2012

China Surprise

A Road to China
We had a great ride last week in Manchester - the roads dried up and the sun came out - it began to feel like Spring was finally upon us (following early Summer and late Winter).  I had an eventful ride with a broken chain and a malfunctioning chain tool (more on this in a blog post later).  But a number of our riders realized that I was overdue and decided to "rescue the ride leader" - many thanks to you all! - and I made it back in time for the scheduled afternoon piano and dance recitals that I was expected at.  Saved indeed!  With my chain finally repaired, I'm ready for this week's ride in Vassalboro - and I trust you all are, too!  See you Saturday!

Saturday, May 12th, EAST VASSALBORO
"China Surprise" - a delightful tour over the hills and dells of Vassalboro and China.
START: 10:00 AM at the Vassalboro Historical Society parking lot just north of the China Lake boat landing on Rt. 32 in East Vassalboro (not the boat landing in South China).
DISTANCE: 25 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate, with some hills and flat sections.
HIGHLIGHTS: a selection of great, scenic rural Maine roads with great views of China Lake and surroundings, with a surprise thrown in!
LEADER: Jeanine Libby.

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