Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Merrymeeting in the Interim

"Coastal Rider" by Timothy Easton
The rains that fell just prior to the start of last Saturday's ride in Wings Mills couldn't deter the lure of gourmet hot dogs to an intrepid group of club members, and I have it on good authority that the ride went off on a roll, and drew plenty of nice condiments.  There were no weiners (weenies? whiners?) at the start of the ride, and they made short work of the weiners at the end of the ride.  OK, I'll stop now before I come up with another bad pun, and frankly thank Ken Louis for another great ride and his post-ride hospitality.  This Saturday's ride starts in Richmond, as we explore part of the proposed Merrymeeting Trail - the trail's interim on-road section from Richmond to Topsham, along the shore of Merrymeeting Bay.  The weather looks great and we hope you can make it!
Saturday, August 25th, RICHMOND
"Merrymeeting in the Interim" - a tour of the new Merrymeeting Trail Interim on-road route from Richmond to Topsham and return.
START: 9:00 am at the Fort Richmond Waterfront Park Gazebo, Front Street (Rt. 24), Richmond
DISTANCE: 34 miles
TERRAIN: unknown at press time
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic waterfront roads along the western shore of Merrymeeting Bay
LEADER: "To Be Determined," aka Jim Merrick.

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