Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Goodbye Columbus

Stopping at the Cemetery on Watson Pond Road
I reluctantly missed the last ride from Farmington to Industry, but Larry made a detailed ride report (below):

Hi Jim,

I was hoping the forecast for better weather toward the north and west would hold, and it seemed to be improving as I drove up with the rain stopping and pavement looking drier around Farmington Falls, but when I got to Hannaford’s at 8:30 it was not looking good. By 9:00 we had eight brave cyclists getting geared up for the ride, but then a steady drizzle ensued and the group decided we should go somewhere to wait awhile to see if things would improve. So bikes were repacked and we drove into town and had second (or third) breakfast at the Homestead Bakery for close to an hour, but when we left it was still drizzly so four cyclists decided they didn’t want to ride in the rain and headed home. That left four of us who decided to go anyway.

We modified the ride and started from where we parked in town and did the loop clockwise so we could cut the ride short by returning back on Route 2 for those who had time commitments. As we progressed toward Clearwater Pond, with a gaggle of geese flying over us headed south, there was a steady drizzle and poor visibility but we were all dressed for the conditions and we were actually quite comfortable while doing our usual social chatting as we rode with our lights blinking away brightly. When we got to New Sharon we met two other diehard cyclists riding on Route 2  in the mist and drizzle. At that point the four of us decided to cut a few miles off the ride and headed directly back to Farmington passing all the activity at the Farmington Fair.

Although it would have been nice to have dry weather and good visibility to see the early leaf colors and ridge top views, all four of us were in high spirits and really enjoyed the 23 miles that we rode. You just can’t keep us intrepid cyclists down with a little uncooperative weather. Sorry you couldn’t make it, but you can chalk this up to another completed ride by the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club.
Good show!  Kudos to all who showed up and to Larry for leading the ride!  This weekend's forecast is looking like it is going to clear up a bit on Monday, which is Columbus Day.  Let's go discover some dry roads in and around the Kennebec Highlands.  The route(s) are already arrowed, so you can spend more time looking at the scenery and the fall colors than looking at your cue sheet.  Since the mornings are getting cooler, lets aim for a 10 am start to let things warm up a bit.  If you're going to be around (and for those who would like a tune-up for the Dempsey Challenge) I hope you can join us.  Otherwise, have a great holiday weekend!

October 8th, Monday:  BELGRADE LAKES
"Goodbye Columbus" - a discovery tour around Great Pond through Belgrade, Rome, and Smithfield.
START:  10:00 A.M., at the Belgrade Community Center on Rt. 27, a half mile south of the Village of Belgrade Lakes, on the right (northbound) just past the Great Pond Marina.  Park in the community center parking lot nearest the street (just as you turn in).
DISTANCE:  23 or 30 miles, with a short option of 15 miles (all arrowed).
TERRAIN:  rolling to "moderately" hilly (translation: there are hills on this ride).
HIGHLIGHTS:  prime foliage views of the Belgrade Lakes, some roller coaster hills, Castle Island, and Blueberry Hill.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick.

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