Saturday, January 12, 2013

The 2012 Year in Review - In Pictures

Here is a link to an album of photos of the 2012 Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Year in Review! Many of the photos have been published here in the past year, but others are compiled here for the first time.

Many of the photos were taken "blind" - with one hand on the handlebars and the other holding a compact digital camera behind-the-back - so they hardly merit any artistic consideration composition-wise. In many cases I didn't even know who was behind at the time, and some people may not have been aware that they were being photographed. So if you should find yourself in one of these images, and you would prefer that it not be plastered all over cyberspace, just let me know and I will take the photo down, or photoshop you out of it somehow.

Now, if you are crestfallen that you photo is not among these pictures, there are several ways to remedy this in the future:
  1. Ride as slow as Jim
  2. If apprehensive on an unfamiliar route, ride with Jim under the mistaken impression that Jim knows where he is going (people usually only do this once)
  3. Ride with someone else who has a camera
If you are requesting removal of a photo, we are assuming that it is your photo. Otherwise, if you want us to remove someone else's photo, there is a right way and a wrong way to do so:
  • Incorrect: "I can't stand the sight of so-and-so. Please take their picture down at once."
  • Correct: "I can't stand the sight of so-and-so. I'll volunteer to lead a club ride and buy you coffee if you take their picture down at once."
And as always, hope to see you on our rides in 2013! "Smile!"

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