Sunday, September 15, 2013

Isleboro, Once More with Feeling

We had a really great ride Saturday in Farmington - nine people showed up despite less than 24 hours notice, and once the roads dried out the weather couldn't have been nicer.  Larry did a great job scrambling to get his scheduled rides switched, and hopefully this weekend we will reap the rewards as they are expected to have cleaned up all the storm damage on Islesboro and made the island rideable again.  We will now operate on the principle of "Let's try this one more time" and we hope you can join us (for sure this time) on our trip to Islesboro this Saturday (Sunday, if rain).
Islesboro is a pleasant island with about 30 miles of paved roads, and is a short ferry ride from Lincolnville Terminal, which is near the junction of Rt. 173 and Rt. 1, next to the Lincolnville Beach.  There is ferry service throughout the day, although most of us will be shooting for the 10 am ferry, with a return around 1:30 pm (or later).  There is some limited parking near the beach, and a paid-parking lot (a bit expensive) at the ferry, so many of us may park at the Bald Rock Trailhead (free parking) in Camden Hills State Park, about 2 1/2 miles away and ride to the ferry.  Don't miss the boat!  This is a ride you won't want to miss!
Saturday, September 21 - LINCOLNVILLE (ISLESBORO) [Rain Date: Sunday, September 22]
"Idyllic Islesboro" - a tour of one Maine's scenic off-shore islands
START: 9:45 am (for the 10 am ferry) at the Lincolnville Ferry Terminal, near the junction of Rt. 173 and Rt.1.  Many of us plan to park 2.5 miles away at the Bald Rock Trailhead lot in Camden at the Junction of Rt.173 and Youngstown Road, leaving no later than 9:30 am to catch the ferry.  More info below.
COSTS: $18.50 per rider, round trip on the ferry with bicycle (additional $$ if dining out in Lincolnville at ride's end) - more info below.
DISTANCE: 19 or 30 miles.  Map links below.
TERRAIN: rolling
HIGHLIGHTS: Ocean views!  Salt air!  Beaches!  Lobster shacks!  A ride on the Ferry!  (You know, seashore stuff.)
LEADER: Larry Childs,, 207-557-3984 (cell)
For planning purposes, here is some information for the ride on Saturday, September 21 (rain date: 22)

-          To avoid expensive parking at the Lincolnville Ferry Terminal, we’ll plan on parking at the Bald Rock trailhead which is at the intersection of Rte. 173 (Beach Rd) and Youngtown Rd in Lincolnville. It’s about 2.4 miles to the Ferry Terminal, so less than 10 minutes to bike there.
-          Mainland departures are on the hour (except 12:00) starting at 9:00 AM and island departures on half hour (except 11:30) until 4:30 PM.
-          We will plan for the 10:00 AM ferry departure so we should leave the Bald Rock parking area by 9:30 at the latest to give people time to purchase tickets. They board bicycles at about 15 minutes before the hour. You can purchase tickets ahead of time, if desired, by calling the terminal at 789-5611. Each passenger is $10 plus $8.50 per bike for a total of $18.50 per rider. Tickets can be used at a later date and for any ferry. Ferry Service website at .
-          The crossing takes about 20 minutes so we’ll be starting the ride on the island about 10:30.
-          Optional 19 and 30 mile routes can be seen here: , .
-          We’ll do a brief rest stop at Pendleton Point beach with nice views at about 9.5 mile point. There are three stores evenly spread along our route.
-          Most riders doing the 30 mile route probably will return on the 1:30 ferry but three later returns are available for those wishing to explore the island more.
-          Some of us may partake of a meal at the Lincolnville Lobster Pound after returning to the mainland so bring $$. It’s right next to the ferry terminal.

Hoping for good weather and a good turnout for a fun outing.


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