Monday, April 28, 2014

Mid-Morning at the Oasis

Rest stop at the Chesterville Mall
May is Bike Month, and with any luck it will bring temperatures higher than 50 degrees, the last remnants of snow in the woods will melt away (instead of pouring cold air down the hillsides onto unsuspecting cyclists riding by), we can go out in short-sleeve jerseys and shorts - and it can't come soon enough.  Last Saturday's ride in Wayne was a lot dryer than expected and we had our usual cadre of smiling velonauts, but warm? - it was not.  Perhaps May will remedy this.  If nothing else, this Saturday we will have a new route from Pike's Oasis in Livermore, laid out by John Lanoue, and that should count for something.  Hope to see you there!
Saturday, May 3rd - LIVERMORE
"The Oasis Loop" - a not-quite-desert-like tour of the ponds and ridges around Livermore, Fayette, and Chesterville.
START: 10:00 am at Pike's Corner Oasis at the junction of Rt. 106 and Rt. 133 in Livermore.
DISTANCE: 28 miles.
TERRAIN: flat to moderate with a few good hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: some scenic back roads including the famed Ridge Road along the Chesterville Esker, and perhaps a post-ride ice cream stop.
LEADER: John Lanoue.
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