Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wicked Wayne

We had a beautiful late Fall ride from Smithfield last Saturday over smooth, dry, fresh pavement, slowed down only by a couple of flats. (Sometimes you can't trust new pavement.)  Staying dry this weekend might be more problematic, as the weather forecasts have been all over the place, obsessing on the "S" word.  It's been so nice this Fall it's too early for that, so we'll play it by ear and plan for a grim & ghoulish, post-Halloween, bid-adieu-to-Daylight-Savings ride!  We'll meet in Wayne at the Elementary School and work our way past the historic "Wing Ring" cemetery and up to Kents Hill, scene of an unsolved murder many years past, and a likely stop at the Apple Shed.  If the weather is not too cold or wet, we'll see you then!
Saturday, November 1st - WAYNE
"Hallows and Gallows" - a post-Halloween ride featuring some historic cemeteries.
START:  10:00 AM at the Wayne Elementary School, 48 Pond Road, Wayne.
DISTANCE:  15-20 miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate, creepy in spots.
HIGHLIGHTS:  the Wing family cemetery, the Kents Hill orchard, perhaps a notorious historic crime scene, and other local haunts.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick,
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