Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Ride Calendar

Spokes and Leaves by Mia Nilsson

We had a great meeting last Sunday (Thank You to David Lipman for his office space and hospitality!) and we put together a full calendar of rides from April to October!  We have another great season of riding ahead, featuring some new rides with apple orchards, steam boats, wineries and breweries, and a weekend getaway to the coast!  Plus many of your favorite rides from years past - everything from hot dogs to apple pie!  Many thanks to all of our intrepid ride leaders who offered to lead rides and keep us moving forward.  If anyone would still like to lead a ride, let me know and I'll see what I can work out.  Meanwhile, have fun in the snow, and start thinking of Spring when the Winter starts getting old.  Our first scheduled ride isApril 18 - We'll see you on the road!
Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club 2015 Ride Calendar
April 18Saturday: “Wake Up the Earth Ride” – Augusta Rail Trail, 11 am, 20-25 mi., Jim Floyd
April 26, Sunday: “Big G’s and Bare Knees” – Winslow Elementary School10:30 am, 25-30 mi., Jeanine Libby
May 2Saturday: “Mid-Morning at the Oasis” – Pike’s Oasis, Livermore10 am, 30-35 mi., John Lanoue
May 9Saturday: “Tour of the Back 40” – Windsor Elementary School, 9 am, 40 mi., Leanne Moll
May 17, Sunday: “Biking with the Alewives” – Vassalboro Elementary School9 am, 25-30 mi., Jeanine Libby
May 24, Sunday: “Velo Vassalboro” – 6 Arrowhead Drive, Vassalboro, 9 am, 30-35 mi., David Lipman
May 30, Saturday: “Big Lakes Tour” – Tom’s Bike Boutique, East Winthrop9 am, 30-35 mi., Denise Crowell
June 6, Saturday: “Tour de Lacs” – Wayne Elementary School, 9 am, 25 mi., Jim Merrick
June 14Sunday: “Ken’s Hot Dog Ride” – 49 Marble Point Road, Wings Mills, Mount Vernon, 9 am, 25-30 mi., Ken Louis
June 20, Saturday: “Capitol Breakfast Ride” – Hussey Elementary School, Augusta,8 am, 25-30 mi., Jim Merrick
June 28, Sunday: “Greenville Bike & Boat” – Moosewood Marine Museum,Greenville10:30 am, 20 mi., $25 event registration fee, Jeanine Libby
July 4, Saturday: “Go Forth on the Fourth” – Bean Elementary School, Sidney, 9 am, 25-30 mi., Jim Putnam
July 11, Saturday: “Drafting through Damariscotta” – Hannaford Plaza, Damariscotta, 10 am, 30-35 mi., David Lipman
July 12, Sunday: “Biking through Boothbay” – Knickerbocker Boat Landing, Boothbay, 9 am, 25-30 mi., David Lipman
July 18, Saturday: “A Cobbossee Odyssey” – Fielder’s Choice, Manchester9 am, 30-35 mi., John Lanoue
July 25Saturday: “Bowdoinham by Bike” – Laura Richards Elementary, Gardiner, 8 am, 40 mi., Roger Rocque
August 2, Sunday: “Eleven Ponds” – Mount Vernon Post Office, 9 am, 14 or 30 mi., Jim Merrick
August 9, Sunday: “Ups and Downs of Industry” – Hannaford PlazaFarmington9 am, 25-30 mi., Larry Childs
August 16, Sunday: “Wheeling Down to Wiscassett” – Richmond Boat Landing, 9 am, 35-40 mi., David Lipman
August 23, Sunday: “Hills and Beans” – 6 Arrowhead Drive, Vassalboro, 9 am, 30-35 mi., David Lipman
August 30Sunday: “Out Through the Cellar Door” – Cellar Door Winery, Lincolnville,10 am, 25 or 35 mi., Tammy Jones
September 6, Sunday: “The Oxbow Incident” – Oxbow Brewing Company,Newcastle, 9 am, 28 or 50 mi., Leanne Moll
September 12-13 (Open; Lighthouse Ride and Pedal the Penobscot scheduled)
September 19, Saturday: “Boothbee’s Apple Ride” – Sand Pond, Chesterville, 9 am, 30-35 mi., John Lanoue
September 26, Saturday: “Monmouth a la Mode” – Winthrop Boat Landing, 9 am, 25-30 mi., Jim Merrick
October 3, Saturday: “Three Peaks and a Pontoon” – Sand Pond, Chesterville, 9 am, 30-35 mi., John Lanoue
October 11, Sunday: “A (Wire) Bridge Too Far” – 434 Fredericks Corner Road, Norridgewock, 9 am, 70 mi., Denise Crowell and Brian Bowker
October 17, Saturday: “Route 8 Figure 8” – Smithfield Town Office, 9 am, 19 or 25 mi., Dan Eccher
October 25Sunday: TBA (Hartland?)
October 31, Saturday: “Wicked Wayne” – Wayne Elementary School, 10 am, 20 mi., Jim Merrick

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