Friday, May 6, 2016

KVBC Club Jerseys

Hi Folks,
We are ready to put in an order for the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club jerseys!  I would like to get an order in by May 15, if possible, so we can have jerseys about 3 to 4 weeks later, sometime around mid-June.  If you would like to order a jersey, or several, I'll need to know:
How Many?
What Size(s)?
Zipper preference (3/4 or full-zip)?
The company, Champion System, has information on the fabrics and configurations they provide, as well as links to sizing charts:  The basic jersey is the Tech Short Sleeve Jersey, at $48.00; the long sleeve version is $60.00.  They have jerseys with additional features, and you can add those to your order - I'll just need the additional specs.  All of the jerseys will be non-returnable, so pay heed to their sizing charts, etc., and contact me if you have any questions.
Then I'll need you to send me a check, made out to "James Merrick" in the amount of your order, or alternatively, you can pay me directly in cash on an upcoming ride.  But I will need payment before I put in an order.  Once the jerseys are delivered I can bring them on a ride and hand-deliver them; otherwise I'll need addresses where to send them.
Thanks for your patience.  If you're undecided by May 15, I may be able to place a second order later in the season, if there is enough additional interest.
Don't forget: tomorrow's ride is in Skowhegan at the Oak Pond Brewery at 10 AM!

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