Wednesday, June 14, 2017

KVBC Jerseys

 Are you feeling left out? Outside looking in? Not part of the "in crowd"? Lacking that one thing that will show the World that you belong - that you have arrived?

Well, money can't buy you happiness, but 44 bucks can get you a new KVBC jersey, and that might do the trick! Several people have asked about acquiring jerseys, and if we can get orders for about ten items together, we can submit a new order. We have designs for two jerseys: one mostly yellow and one mostly black, and we have in the past been able to combine orders for both. The entry-level (or least expensive) jersey is the CS Tech Lite at $44 each (minimum order of ten). There are a lot of jersey options, fabrics, and styles - men's jerseys are either "Club Cut" or "Race Cut." For descriptions and details refer to the Champion System website and their updated sizing charts 
A product price list can be downloaded here. In the past, some of our women members have ordered men's jerseys that best matched their size, as they preferred a longer cut. If you have questions it might be best to ask one of the women on a club ride for advice.

If you would like to order a jersey, contact Jim Merrick at
KVBC Yellow Jersey
KVBC Black Jersey

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