Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Preliminary KVBC 2019 Ride Calendar

Biking on the Frozen Swan Boat Pond, Boston Public Garden, circa 1940s (Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection)
With the first day of Spring just a week away, it looks like there is finally some melting in progress, so we may yet have some rides to come in 2019!  Here is a very preliminary ride calendar, with a number of dates to be confirmed and others to be filled in.  We have a couple of interesting new rides in the works, and we may even mix in a few gravel rides in among our regular road rides for a change of pace.  Our first ride is tentatively scheduled for March 24 - Maine Maple Sunday - about a week and half away, depending on conditions.  Our thanks to all of the ride leaders who have volunteered rides, and to those who are still scheduling theirs.  Please send me your ride info when you have it! Think Spring!

KVBC Ride Calendar 2019 Preliminary

March 24 – Sunday, OAKLAND: Maine Maple Sidney (Jim Merrick)

April 20 – Saturday, BELGRADE: Wake Up the Earth Ride (Jim Floyd)

May 11 – Saturday, READFIELD: Maranacook Meander (Lydia Leimbach)
May 26 – Sunday, JAY: May in Jay (Jim Merrick)

June 1 – Saturday, VASSALBORO: Velo Vassalboro (David Lipman)
June 9 – Sunday, NORRIDGEWOCK: Over the Colby Loop (Brian Bowker & Denise Crowell)
June 22 or 23 – (TBD, WAYNE?): Property Pedal Tour (Jean-Luc Theriault and Jim Floyd)

July 6 – Saturday, SIDNEY: Independence Day Ride (Jim Putman)
July 13 – Saturday, DAMARISCOTTA: Drafting through Damariscotta (David Lipman)
July 28 – Sunday: GARDINER: Biking to Bowdoinham (Joe Renda)

August 3 – Saturday, RICHMOND: Wheeling to Wiscasset (David Lipman)
August 17 – Saturday, KENTS HILL: (TBD)
August 25 – Sunday, LINCOLNVILLE: Out through the Cellar Door (Tammy Jones)
August 31 – Saturday, SMITHFIELD: Looping the Lakes (Larry Childs)

September 21 – Saturday, LIVERMORE: Boothby’s Orchard Ride (John Lanoue)
September 28 – Saturday, WINTHROP: Monmouth a la Mode (Jim Merrick)

October 13 – Sunday, CHESTERVILLE: Three Peaks and a Pontoon (John Lanoue)
October 19 – Saturday, EAST WINTHROP: Bicycle Repairman (Brian Bowker and Denise Crowell)
October 20 – Sunday, WATERVILLE: (Camille Chamberland)
October 27 – Sunday, WAYNE: Wicked Wayne (Jim Merrick)

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