Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Velo Vassalboro

Clear sunny skies with nary a cloud in sight. Quiet back roads with practically no traffic. Lots of green spaces with scenic vistas. All answers to the question: what's more to Vassalboro than topless donut shops? Well, the donut shop was closed for relocation so we couldn't make a full comparison, but from what we did see, Vassalboro is a great place to ride.

John had put together a fine route along the back roads past such institutions as schools, meeting houses, and the police academy. There were a few hills to climb but much of the route was quite moderate.

The roads along the river plateau were smooth and flat, which may have stoked rumors of a killer climb ahead, perhaps as retribution.

But the climb did not live up to its reputation, although the full sun along much of its length made it seem longer and steeper. The downhill which followed was a fine reward.

It was a fine ride, refuting the old line, You Can't Get There From Here, with So What? Here is fine enough!

Next week's ride will be in Gardiner as we bike to Bowdoinham. Please join us! And have a great week!

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