Monday, March 14, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day Ride

As part of our countdown to Spring, here is the first of a series of ride reports from last Summer, starting with the Memorial Day weekend ride on May 29, 2010, starting in East Winthrop at Tom's Bike Boutique on Rt.202.

We had a fine turnout, considering that the ride was scheduled at the last minute on a long holiday weekend. The weather was dry, although mostly cloudy.

It's usually a good sign when the ride leader is smiling! (Or perhaps that's the trademark of a professional dental hygienist?).

The route took us over the back roads of Winthrop and into Litchfield and Monmouth.

We rolled past historic cemeteries and many lakes and ponds.

As customary, we often stopped to chat while we waited for others to catch up.

And once everyone had caught up, we more often than not, continued to chat.

But there were more fine roads to explore, so we were soon on our way.

If you missed this ride, don't miss it twice - Denise will be leading it again on April 30th! Thanks, Denise!

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