Sunday, June 17, 2012

Augusta, Arrowed

Riding past Augusta Farms

It's not often we get a string of great riding days in a row, and that it should fall on the Trek Weekend is really quite special.  We had a great ride from Kents Hill on Saturday, "Bloomsday," which seemed appropriate since our ride leaders, Ray & Jane Giglio, are soon to be off for a tour in the land of Joyce, where the weather can be even more fickle than it is here.  The weather on Saturday's ride was a lot dryer by Irish standards, but it was still rather cool and even clouded up a bit before the sun came out to stay.  Our thanks to Ray & Jane and best wishes on their trip.  As for the rest of us, the weather continues to look just splendid, and this Saturday we will meet at the Hussey Elementary School in Augusta at 8 AM for a "Capitol Breakfast."  This will be an arrowed ride, covering a beautiful route originally laid out by Connie Brown, who unfortunately can't make it this year.  Our optional breakfast stop will be at Rebecca's Place, at about 24 miles into the ride.  Those of you who rode the Trek and haven't had your fill of riding and eating, feel free to join us!

Saturday, June 23rd - AUGUSTA
"Capitol Breakfast Ride" - a tour through the stately residential areas and outlying farms of our capitol city.
START: 8:00 AM at the parking lot of the Hussey Elementary School on Quimby Street in Augusta.  Quimby is right off Rt. 100 at the traffic light across from Auclair's Cycle heading north; detailed directions here:
DISTANCE: 27 miles, arrowed.
TERRAIN: moderate with a few hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: An optional breakfast stop at Rebecca's Place, some really fine touring roads east of the capitol, new and intriguing routes - and did we mention breakfast?
LEADER: Jim Merrick.

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