Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Single Chainring at a Time

Cruising along the Chesterville Esker
We had a really fine ride from Livermore to kick off the Memorial Day Weekend. The weather was a bit cool and overcast, but that made for great riding - had the sun burned through the haze as advertised the ride would have been a lot hotter.

A Few Short Hills

The route was laid out by Frank Rosen, who was unable to make the ride himself. A few of us gathered at the Lunch Pad for breakfast before the start, and the waitstaff inquired about Frank. We'll have to reprise the ride later when Frank can come with us.

Rolling Towards Chesterville

The ride headed south from Livermore to Fayette before turning north along some pretty back roads past old campgrounds. We regrouped when we came to Twelve Corners, and set off to ride the Chesterville Esker - a delightful ridge ride along to top of a prehistoric glacial sandbar, dropping off to many little lakes on either side.

Running Past Farms on Valley Road

The original route called for riding several miles along the Esker and then reversing direction for the return. The day was so promising that we decided to continue to the end of Ridge Road and then head further north up Zion's Hill to North Chesterville. We then backtracked down Valley Road back into Chesterville Village.

Peggy Setting the Pace

As we headed back south along the Esker on the return I began to experiment with a "behind-the-back" camera technique. At one point Peggy asked me if I was getting anything while shooting blind, and I said: "Yes, lots of treetops and pavement." But with a little practice I was able to get some head-on shots and straighten them out with some judicious editing later.

Heading Back Towards Livermore

Leaving the Esker we headed back towards Livermore. The roads were really in fine shape, the temperature stayed cool, and the blackflies gave us a break, and for the most part stayed out of the picture.

Coming At Ya on a Road Near You

Hope you can join us this Saturday as we head out from Mount Vernon on a return trip to the Chesterville Esker on the Eleven Ponds Ride!

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