Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bloomsday in Kents Hill

A Run Along Echo Lake

The Kents Hill Roundabout started at the Torsey Church parking lot on the top of Kents Hill on June 16 - Bloomsday, for you Joyce fans. Starting at the top of a hill means the ride starts off with a fast downhill - not a bad thing, ordinarily, but in the chill of the morning air we were nearly shivering by the time we got to the base of the hill. We soon warmed up, as Ray took us on a pretty three-mile run along the shore of Echo Lake.

Up Rt. 17 North to North Fayette

Although the day was clear and sunny, the temperature stayed quite cool as we headed up Rt. 17 towards North Fayette.

Stopping at Home Nest Farm

After the climb up Baldwin Hill, we stopped to regroup and admire the scenery at Home Nest Farm and the Sturtevant Farm Scenic Area. From there we passed over Campground Road to Pike's Oasis and down Rt. 133 to Wayne.

South on Rt. 133 towards Wayne

Heading toward Pikes Oasis

Passing the "Wing Ring" Cemetery in Wayne

From Wayne, we worked our way back to the start, with some great runs along Pocassett Lake and Lovejoy Pond, passing the historic Wing Cemetery-in-the-round and the waterfalls in North Wayne. Finally, it was back up the long climb to the summit of Kents Hill. Our thanks to Ray and Jane, who were soon off to the land of Joyce, where we hope they'd be spared the worst of the weather Ireland can bring.

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