Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maine Maple Sunday

Spring is just about upon us, the Posted Roads signs are out, the sap is running, and the weather is turning nice (finally).  Time for a short bike ride!  The weather tomorrow looks to be sunny, warmer, and not so windy.  And it is Maine Maple Sunday, with small local sugarhouses open to the public and giving out free samples.  All those interested can meet at the Manchester Elementary School on Rt. 17 and we will set out on a short 12-mile ride in search of some syrup!
Sunday, March 24th - MANCHESTER
"Maine Maple Sunday in Manchester" - a syrupy, posted roads tour around Manchester.
START:  11:00 AM, at the Manchester Elementary School parking lot on Rt. 17, near the junction of Rt. 17 & Rt. 202.  The school is on the left just after you turn off Rt. 202 onto Rt. 17 West.
DISTANCE:  12 miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate, with one long hill.
HIGHLIGHTS:  We'll ride some paved (albeit sandy) back roads to the Hilltop Farm on Prescott Road for some maple syrup sampling as we tap into Spring.
LEADER:  Jim Merrick.

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