Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KVBC Preliminary Ride Calendar for 2014

Leaning into another great riding season
We had a productive ride planning meeting last Sunday in Augusta.  Many thanks to all who showed up and offered to lead rides, and particularly to David Lipman who kindly provided his office and pizza for us.  We all appreciated his warmth and hospitality - especially the warmth, considering how cold it was when we met last year.  The preliminary dates for the KVBC Ride Calendar are below - there are still a number of open weekends, and if you couldn't make it to the meeting and would still like to lead a ride, check over the open dates and let me know if you can fill one of them.  Many of the dates are still tentative (or will be for the next week or two), so some switching around might be possible, too.  As always, we may have some last-minute, spur-of-the-moment, impromptu rides if we happen to get some unexpectedly fine weather in early Spring or late, late Fall.  Keep your chain oiled and your tires pumped up!  If this weather continues I won't have to urge anyone to Think Spring!
April 19, Saturday, 10 am: Augusta "Wake Up the Earth Ride" - Jim Floyd
April 26, Saturday, 10 am: Wayne "The Wayne Way" - Jim Merrick
May 3 or 4: OPEN
May 10, Saturday, 9:30 am: East Vassalboro "China Surprise" - Jeanine Libby
May 17, Saturday, 9:30 am: Clinton "A Fish With(out) a Bicycle" [Benton Alwife Festival] - Jeanine Libby
May 24 or 25: OPEN
May 31, Saturday, 9 am: Vassalboro "Velo Vassalboro" - David Lipman
June 7 or 8: OPEN
June 15, Sunday, 9 am: Mount Vernon "Eleven Ponds Ride" - Jim Merrick
June 21 or 22: OPEN
June 29, Sunday, 9 am: Damariscotta "A Pedaling Purview of Pemaquid Point" - David Lipman
July 5, Saturday, 9 am: Sidney "Independence Day Ride" - Jim Putnam
July 13, Sunday, 9 am: Wings Mills (Mt. Vernon) "Ken's Hot Dog Ride" - Ken Louis
July 19, Saturday, 8 am: Augusta "Capitol Breakfast Ride" - Jim Merrick
July 26, Saturday, 9 am: Gardiner "Back Roads to Bowdoinham" - Roger Rocque
August 2, Saturday, 8:30 am: Wilton "Blueberry Metric" [Wilton Blueberry Festival] - Jim Merrick
August 9 or 10: OPEN
August 16, Saturday, 8 am: Waterville "The Colby Loop" - Jeanine Libby
August 24, Sunday, 9 am: Vassalboro "Hills and Beans" - David Lipman
August 30 or 31: OPEN
September 6 or 7: OPEN (although we may opt to field a team at Pedal Penobscot in Bangor on the 7th)
September 14, Sunday, 9 am: Farmington "The Ups and Downs of Industry" - Larry Childs
September 20 or 21: OPEN
September 27, Saturday, 9 am: Winthrop "Monmouth a la Mode" [Monmouth Apple Festival] - Jim Merrick
October: all weekends OPEN
Note to Ride Leaders - if I have any information wrong, please let me know.  I will check to verify dates, times, ride starting locations, distances - and any objections to my fanciful ride nomenclature.
Jim Merrick

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