Tuesday, January 14, 2014

KVBC Ride Planning Meeting

It's time for our annual KVBC Ride Planning Meeting!  We will meet in Augusta on Sunday, January 19th, at 6 pm, at the offices of Lipman & Katz at 227 Water Street, thanks to a kind offer from David Lipman.  There is a public parking lot on Water Street just as you come off the circle.  The phone number at the office is 622-3711, though I don't know if someone will be there to answer it, but if you get lost it's worth a shot.

The agenda: ride planning, pizza, then followed by more ride planning.  It's fun!  Honest.  We will do our best to put together a full calendar of rides for the new season, and you can help!  If you can't make the meeting, and there is a ride you'd like to lead (or suggest) just let me know.

There is still a possibility for people interested to meet earlier for snowshoeing or x-country skiing in the Arboretum before the meeting, although right now it looks like conditions might not be optimum.  Let me know if you might be interested, and I'll try and set something up.  Hope to see you Sunday!

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