Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cover Club

KVBC Cinco de Mayo Ride in Windsor, May 5, 2013

Hey KVBC! The latest issue of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's "Maine Cyclist" newsletter is out. Take a close look at the cover? Yep, that's YOU folks on the cover - from an early spring Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club ride a few years ago. And the BCM Ride Calendar is also out - the very first club ride listed is the KVBC Wake Up the Earth Ride this Saturday in Augusta, and the very last ride listed is yet another KVBC ride in Wayne on Halloween. We got the alpha and the omega of rides this year! Not bad for a small bike club in Central Maine. Worthy of a bit of chest thumping (not that we're prone to boasting or anything). You guys deserve it!

I guess now we may look into club jerseys...

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