Monday, April 27, 2015

Off to the Oasis

We had a fine ride Sunday despite some brisk temperatures and occasional sprinkles. Jeanine worked her usual magic in keeping the worst of the rain at bay, and led us on a splendid new route through Winslow and Benton, with a welcome post-ride lunch stop at Big Gs. Thanks Jeanine! The "bare knees" anticipated in the ride announcement didn't materialize - the ride conditions never hit 50 degrees - and the weather forecasters squandered all of their good will from the previous week. Will we find a seasonal oasis as we head into Bike Month in May? Find out this Saturday as we set out from Pike's Oasis in Livermore!

Saturday, May 2nd - LIVERMORE
"The Oasis Loop" - a not-quite-desert-like tour of the ponds and ridges around Livermore, Fayette, and Chesterville.
START: 10:00 am at Pike's Corner Oasis at the junction of Rt. 106 and Rt. 133 in Livermore.
DISTANCE: 28 miles.
TERRAIN: Moderate with a few good hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: some scenic back roads including the famed Ridge Road along the Chesterville Esker, and perhaps a post-ride ice cream stop.
LEADER: John Lanoue.

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