Saturday, February 20, 2016

4th Quadrennial Leap Day Ride

Hi Gang!  It's a Leap Year, which means we have an extra day to ride bikes, and we all have bikes, so that means it's time for the KVBC Fourth Quadrennial Leap Day Ride!  (I think there's a logical progression in there somewhere.)  We will meet on Monday, February 29, at 11 am at the Hallowell Boat Landing at 226 Water Street - there's also some parking spots across the street.  Depending on the weather and road conditions, we'll do about a 20-mile ride down the rail trail to Gardiner and return on some back roads and stop in at Slate's Bakery at the end.  If the weather is really questionable we may alter these plans drastically, so stay tuned for further updates.  Who knows?  We rode in 50-degree weather back in December, so you never know - it might turn out to be a great day for riding, and if it isn't, there's always Slate's!
Monday, February 29 - HALLOWELL
"Take a Leap" - the fourth Quadrennial KVBC Leap Day Ride!
START: 11:00 am at the Hallowell Public Boat Landing at 226 Water Street, riverside.  There's another small parking lot almost directly across the street.
DISTANCE: about 20 miles, conditions permitting.
TERRAIN: flat along the rail trail, moderate otherwise.
HIGHLIGHTS: a Bike Ride!  In February!  On Leap Day!  Also, a post-ride stop at Slate's bakery.
LEADER: Jim Merrick, 293-3784,

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