Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The 2016 KVBC Ride Calendar

Here it is, folks - the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Ride Calendar for 2016!  We have a great season of rides planned, starting with our fourth Quadrennial Leap Day Ride coming up on February 29th - only a few weeks away!  As we get into the season we will have some of your favorite rides as well as some new ones, including an all-new century route.  Not to mention all of the great post-ride events planned by our volunteers that make the rides really special.  Many, many THANKS to everyone who volunteered to lead rides this year!  Once again, please check your ride listing(s) to make sure I have the particulars correct (ride listings are subject to modifications).  We'll see you out on the road!

Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club 2016 Ride Calendar

February 29, Monday – Hallowell: “Take a Leap” (Leap Day Ride); 11 am, Hallowell Boat Landing on Main Street; Jim Merrick, 293-3784, hjmerrick@gmail.com.

April 17, Sunday – Augusta or TBD: “Wake Up the Earth Ride”; 10 am, Augusta KRRT parking lot off of Water Street or TBD; Jim Floyd, jimfloyd@fairpoint.net.

April 24, Sunday – Hinckley: “The Goodwill Gruppo”; 9 am, L.C. Bates Museum on Rt.201; Jeanine Libby, jjlibby13@roadrunner.com.

May 1, Sunday – Manchester: “Cobbossee Odyssey”; 9 am, adjacent to Fielders’ Choice Ice Cream on Rt.202; John Lanoue, john.lanoue@avid.com.

May 7, Saturday – Skowhegan: “Acorns and Ales”; 10 am, Oak Pond Brewery, 101 Oak Pond Road, Skowhegan; John Lanoue, john.lanoue@avid.com.

May 14, Saturday – East Vassalboro: “Biking with the Alewives”; 9 am, Vassalboro Elementary School; Jeanine Libby, jjlibby13@roadrunner.com.

May 22, Sunday – Readfield: “The Maranacook Meander”; 10 am, Maranacook School Superintendent’s Office, Rt.17; Lydia Leimbach, mrsl330@yahoo.com.

May 29, Sunday – Vassalboro: “Velo Vassalboro”; 9 am, Arrowhead Drive, Vassalboro; David Lipman, dlipman@lipmankatz.com.

June 5, Sunday – Wings Mills: “Ken’s Hotdog Ride”; 9 am, Marble Point Lane, East Mount Vernon; Ken Louis, klouis17@hotmail.com.

June 12, Sunday – Mount Vernon: “Eleven Ponds Ride”; 9 am, Mount Vernon Post Office on Main Street; Jim Merrick, 293-3784, hjmerrick@gmail.com.

June 18, Saturday – Augusta: “Capitol Breakfast Ride”; 8:30 am, Hussey Elementary School off of Quimby Street; Connie Brown, cbrown@msmaweb.com.

June 24-26, Friday-Sunday, Greenville: “Hike, Bike and Boat”; 6 pm (Friday) at Gorman Chairback Lodge in Greenville (fee TBD), 10:30 am (Sunday) at Moosewood Maritime Museum for the Bike & Boat tour (fee: $25); Jeanine Libby, jjlibby13@roadrunner.com.

July 2, Saturday – Sidney: “Fourth of July Ride”; 9 am, Bean Elementary School, Middle Road, Sidney; Jim Putnam, put@roadrunner.com.

July 9, Saturday – Damariscotta: “Drafting through Damariscotta”; 10 am, Hannaford’s Plaza in Damariscotta; David Lipman, dlipman@lipmankatz.com.

July 10, Sunday – Boothbay: “Bicycling to Boothbay”; 9 am. Knickerbocker Boat Landing, Boothbay; David Lipman, dlipman@lipmankatz.com.

July 16, Saturday – Norridgewock: “Cycle Somerset”; 9 am, 434 Frederick Corner Road, Norridgewock; Denise Crowell and Brian Bowker, denisemcrowell@gmail.com. 

July 23, Saturday – Farmington: “Tour de Carrabassett”; 9 am, municipal lot adjacent to the gazebo opposite the court house; John MacDonald, stmac@somtelme.net.

July 31, Sunday – Gardiner: “Bowdoinham by Bike”; 9 am, Laura Richards Elementary School on Rt. 201; Joe Renda, geologyjoe@gmail.com.

August 6, Saturday – Augusta: “105 on 105”; 8 am (for the century route), old Cony High School at terminus of Rt.105; Jim Merrick, 293-2784, hjmerrick@gmail.com.

August 14, Sunday – Richmond: “Wheeling to Wiscassett”; 9 am, Town Boat Landing on River Street; David Lipman, dlipman@lipmankatz.com.

August 21, Sunday – Lincolnville: “Out through the Cellar Door”; 10 am, Cellar Door Winery; Tammy Jones, tjjones@colby.edu.

August 27, Saturday – Vassalboro: “Hills and Beans”; 9 am, Arrowhead Drive, Vassalboro; David Lipman, dlipman@lipmankatz.com.

September 4, Sunday – Wayne: “Which Way to Wayne?”; 9 am, Wayne Elementary School, Pond Road; Fritz Onion, fritz-onion@pluralsight.com.

September 10-11, OPEN (Maine Lighthouse Tour is the 10th; Pedal the Penobscot is the 11th)

September 17, Saturday – Livermore: “Boothby’s Apple Ride”; 9 am at Pike’s Oasis; John Lanoue, john.lanoue@avid.com.

September 24, Saturday – Winthrop: “Monmouth a la Mode”; 9 am at the Winthrop Town Boat Landing on Coady Street; Jim Merrick, 203-3784, hjmerrick@gmail.com.

October 1, Saturday – Chesterville: “Three Peaks and a Pontoon”; 9 am, Sand Pond Parking area; John Lanoue, john.lanoue@avid.com.

October 9, Sunday – Freeport: “Freewheeling around Freeport”; 10 am, Amtrac lot in Freeport or TBD; Ken Louis, klouis17@hotmail.com.

October 16, Sunday – Smithfield: “Route 8 Figure 8”; 9 am, Smithfield Town Office; Larry Childs, lrchilds@roadrunner.com.

October 22-23, OPEN

October 30, Sunday – Wayne: “Wicked Wayne”; 10 am, Wayne Elementary School on Pond Road; Jim Merrick, 293-3784, hjmerrick@gmail.com.

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