Thursday, August 2, 2018

Buckfield Cue Sheet

Wayne-Buckfield-Paris Arrows.

Here is the cue sheet for the 40-mile ride from Wayne to Buckfield. This is also the cut-off route to shorten the Metric Century before Streaked Mountain. The rides split at the 18-mile mark. The Long Ride arrows at the split are marked with an "L" and the Short Ride arrows are marked with an "S". The Short Ride rejoins the Long Ride approx. three miles down Rt. 117. Here is the link to the 40-mile ride route map:

“We’ll Always Have Buckfield”
39.8 Miles – Cue Sheet

LEG   TOTAL          CUE
0.0       0.0                   RIGHT out of Wayne Elementary School on Pond Road
0.3       0.3                   RIGHT on Rt. 133
0.7       1.0                   LEFT on Rt. 219
5.7       6.7                   LEFT to stay on Rt. 219 after bridge crossing
3.7       10.4                 Cross Rt. 4 to stay on Rt. 219 (CAUTION)
2.5       12.9                 LEFT on Perry Road (watch pavement)
3.4       16.3                 LEFT on East Buckfield Road
1.8       18.1                 LEFT on Rhodes Road across from Buckfield Mall (Store)

                                    RIDES SPLIT – Short Ride “S” goes LEFT, Long Ride “L” goes STRAIGHT

0.1       18.2                 Merge LEFT on Rt. 117
5.7       23.9                 Cross Rt. 4 to stay on Rt. 117 (CAUTION) (Nezinscot Farm CafĂ© in 1.3 mi)
2.3       26.2                 RIGHT on Center Bridge Road (Store on corner)
2.4       28.6                 LEFT on Church Hill Road immediately after bridge crossing
1.2       29.8                 Bear LEFT to stay on Church Hill Road
4.4       34.2                 LEFT on Rt. 106
1.4       35.6                 Bear RIGHT on Lakeshore Drive (No Sign)
2.1       37.7                 RIGHT on Rt. 219
1.2       38.9                 RIGHT on Rt. 133
0.6       39.5                 LEFT on Pond Road
0.3       39.8                 LEFT into Wayne Elementary School - END

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