Thursday, August 2, 2018

Paris Cue Sheet

Paris Ride Arrow Shape.

With the start of the Wayne to Paris Metric Century shifted from Saturday to Sunday (August 5 at 9am), it is possible that some folks might not be able to make the ride if they have already made other plans for the weekend. Since the ride is arrowed, here is the cue sheet to allow those who wish to do the ride later on their own. The arrows are light blue chevrons in shape, and there will be an arrow about one hundred feet or so before a turn, just before the turn, and just after the turn - three in all at each turn. In addition, there will be a confirming arrow every mile or so along lengthy stretches so you know you are still on the route. Here is the link to the metric century route map: For those of you who can join us on the ride - see you Sunday!

“We’ll Always Have Paris”
Metric Century Cue Sheet

LEG   TOTAL          CUE
0.0       0.0                   RIGHT out of Wayne Elementary School on Pond Road
0.3       0.3                   RIGHT on Rt. 133
0.7       1.0                   LEFT on Rt. 219
5.7       6.7                   LEFT to stay on Rt. 219 after bridge crossing
3.7       10.4                 Cross Rt. 4 to stay on Rt. 219 (CAUTION)
2.5       12.9                 LEFT on Perry Road (watch pavement)
3.4       16.3                 LEFT on East Buckfield Road
1.8       18.1                 Buckfield Mall (Store on right; next store on Metric is at approx. mile 41)

                                    RIDES SPLIT – Short Ride “S” goes LEFT, Long Ride “L” goes STRAIGHT

0.1         18.2                 STRAIGHT on Rt. 117
0.9       19.1                 Bear LEFT to stay on Rt. 117 in Hebron Village
6.8       25.9                 RIGHT on Christian Ridge Road (watch pavement)
2.2       28.1                 LEFT on Lincoln Street (No Sign) Note: Paris Hill Weather Station on Left
0.3       28.4                 LEFT on Paris Hill Road (watch pavement)
1.8       30.2                 Bear LEFT on Hill Street (watch pavement)
0.9       31.1                 RIGHT on Rt. 117
0.1       31.2                 LEFT on Rt. 119 (watch pavement, no shoulder)
5.4       36.6                 LEFT on Station Road at Hebron Academy (Store in 4.4 mi)
4.8       41.4                 LEFT on Rt. 124
0.2         41.6                 RIGHT on Bryant Road
0.9         42.5                 Bear RIGHT to stay on Bryant Road           
0.2       42.7                 LEFT on East Hebron Road (steep hill ahead)
2.5       45.2                 RIGHT on Rt. 117 (RIDES MERGE)
2.5       47.7                 Cross Rt. 4 to stay on Rt. 117 (CAUTION) (Nezinscot Farm CafĂ© in 1.3 mi)
2.3       50.0                 RIGHT on Center Bridge Road (Store on corner)
2.4       52.4                 LEFT on Church Hill Road immediately after bridge crossing
1.2       53.6                 Bear LEFT to stay on Church Hill Road
4.3       57.9                 LEFT on Rt. 106
1.4       59.3                 Bear RIGHT on Lakeshore Drive (No Sign)
2.1       61.4                 RIGHT on Rt. 219
1.2       62.6                 RIGHT on Rt. 133
0.6       63.3                 LEFT on Pond Road
0.3       63.6                 LEFT into Wayne Elementary School - END

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