Saturday, November 3, 2018

November in Nottingham

Robin Hood Head Tube Medallion, 1944
Some clarification: the ride in Readfield is tomorrow, Sunday, November 4 (not the 3rd, as the original email stated).  Also, we will be on Eastern Standard Time tomorrow, as we turn the clocks back tonight.

Last Sunday’s ride was nearly a wash-out, with a steady drizzle and temperatures on the wrong side of 40, but we did get in a short ride, just because.  This weekend is looking dry, at least on Sunday, with lots of sun and on the right side of 40.  We have a 26-mile ride planned from Readfield Center that can be shortened if need be, and we'll stop at the Apple Shed in any case.  Perhaps we'll see you then!

Sunday, November 4 - READFIELD
"The Wayfarers of Nottingham" - a prelude to the off-season for all you merry men and equally merry women.
START: 10 AM, at the Readfield Post Office in Readfield Center at the junction of Rt.s 17 and 41.
DISTANCE: 26 miles, more or less.
TERRAIN: moderate with some hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: a tour along little-known byways, including Nottingham Road, in Readfield, Wayne, Fayette, and Kents Hill, with a stop at the Apple Shed Bakery.
LEADER: Jim Merrick,, 293-3784.

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