Sunday, August 2, 2009

Breakfast Ride Report - Livermore Falls

We had our first morning breakfast ride last Friday, part of the Two Wheels Over Easy series. Frank Rosen set up a ride starting from the Fayette Central School on Rt.17 heading out to Livermore Falls. I had the day off, but I started early to run a few errands and rode to the start. Not wanting to be late, I rushed a bit and found myself at the start about 45 minutes early. The morning was clear and invigorating so I didn't mind the wait, although I started to get hungry. Soon I was joined by Frank, Denise, and Nate, and off we went toward breakfast.

Fortunately breakfast was ten miles away, at the "Lunch Pad" in Livermore Falls, near the junction of Rt.17 & Rt.133. A small, seasonal diner - famed locally for its home-made ice cream. We took a table in the indoor dining area. The decor was cheerful and the waitstaff even more so. I ordered the "big breakfast combo" which in my case included two scrambled eggs, home fries, corned beef hash, toast, and coffee. All first rate, especially the toast, made with care with home-made bread - a nice touch. My first regret was that I didn't order two "big breakfast combos," but that would've blown my modesty cover. As it was, I was outclassed anyway. While most of us opted for traditional breakfast fare, one iconcoclast among us (who might best remain anonymous) ordered a morning meal of french toast (made with same great bread, I believe) topped with raspberry cheesecake ice cream and raspberry sauce topping. The waitress was only too happy to oblige. Watching this concoction disappear led to my second regret - that I hadn't ordered one, too. Oh well, maybe next time.

You cannot visit Livermore Falls without seeing, well, Livermore Falls. So we skirted the center of town and rode downstream to see where all that rain we've been experiencing is going. Over the Dam, apparently, and lots of it. Very impressive. We wondered whether any of it was generating hydroelectric power. We've put up with enough of it - it seemed the least it could do.

On the way back, Frank took us up the newly paved Chesterville Ridge Road which runs along the top of the Chesterville Esker, a pre-historic glacial sandbar. A beautiful flat stretch of wooded road with steep drop-offs on either side, running between many small lakes and ponds. And it goes on for miles. But the bright skies of the early morning had clouded up, and it started to rain again, so it was time to head back. We'll have another breakfast ride on Friday, August 7th, starting from Readfield and heading into Winthrop. Please join us if you can!

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